Top Trends In Packaging: How To Stay Ahead Of The Game In 2016

If 2016 is going to be a year to remember, you’ll want it to be for all the right reasons. As your brand draws a line under the events of 2015, take a look at the packaging trends you need to know about now, so you can plan to make the year ahead your best yet.

At SPK, we know that packaging is integral to building your brand, connecting with consumers and securing that all-important conversion. Regardless of your product, packaging matters; the materials, the words, the design and the cost are all factors that come into play when you’re sending your message out to the world.

This year, ensure your efforts are effective in driving the results you want to see by staying ahead of the game at all times. We know how to market your message to maximum effect – keep reading as we let you in on our hotly-tipped trends for packaging in 2016.

Brand building and shelf standout rise to the fore

The demands on packaging are set to rise as brands compete to stand out among competitors. At a time when packaging is being given more visibility of the shelf – especially by food companies, never has it been more important to build a unique and effective brand image and focus on packaging design from a marketing and sales perspective.

Value chain competition drives cost focus

Cost concerns will continue to increase for brand owners during 2016, calling for a 3D approach to cost innovations. The three dimensions driving cost focus in 2016 are solutions, process and features: brand owners will need to look beyond the box for solutions, improve the usability of packaging and reduce material usage to cut costs.

Brands to communicate sustainability values

Consumers are increasingly eco-aware and choosing to shop with brands that communicate shared concerns about sustainability and the environment. Surveys have shown that more than half of people are influenced by packaging that illustrates a brand’s social or environmental efforts, and this directly impacts on their purchasing decisions.

Intelligent packaging gains in popularity stakes

User-friendly packaging that provides security and protection for products is a key issue for 2016, with brands encouraged to prioritize functionality for consistent performance. Intelligent packaging enhances shelf readiness and can offer other advantages, including a reduction in waste and faster production turnaround.

Operations optimized to keep pace with e-tailing volumes

The Internet Age is showing no signs of abating and e-tailing volumes are predicted to increase during 2016. Packaging providers can keep pace with this growth by optimizing operations with efficient machines/lines, offering disturbance-free production, in-store efficiency and reliable inbound logistics.

As experts in creative packaging solutions, we’re always looking ahead to anticipate how best to serve our clients going forward. Combining functionality with imagination, SPK packaging products are tailor-made to reflect brand identity and sustainability principles, with a focus on intelligent design.

Our experts consult with brands at every step of the planning and production process for a finished product that delivers on-brief, impressive results. We can help you market your message effectively in 2016 – find out how. Call us today!