5 Retail Display Trends To Put Into Practice Now

Retail display trends are always changing; if you work in the industry, you’ll know just how important it is that your retail displays are up-to-the-minute and bang on trend.

Often the first and most important point of contact consumers have with brands, retail and POP displays have the complex task of capturing consumers’ attention, engaging shoppers and persuading them to do something – often to purchase a product.

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Over the years, the functions and appearance of retail displays have naturally changed, and different trends have emerged. At SPK, we’re always one step ahead and ready to put our expertise to good use with cutting-edge retail displays designed to serve your objectives. Let’s take a look at some of today’s retail display trends.

Making every square foot work harder

The focus on sales per square foot has become more pronounced as retailers look to maximize sales and minimize costs. Ever-rising running costs and underperformance is forcing firms to rethink their strategies to achieve maximum value. One way of doing this is by making every square foot count. Reducing footprints and packing as much product as possible into a smaller space can achieve improved performance and sales.

Spotlight on sustainability

As consumers become more eco-aware, a greater focus on sustainability and natural products is emerging. The importance of environmental and social issues like fair wages and supporting local business continues to grow, and shoppers are increasingly looking to brands to reflect these ethical principles. As such, more and more retailers across a wide range of sectors are incorporating sustainability and eco-friendly elements in their products, packaging and display materials.

Digital engagement

To ease and enhance shopper experiences, many retailers – not just within the tech industry – are using digital shopper solutions in stores to engage customers. At a time when consumers are more connected than ever, retailers are strengthening brand reinforcement through all manner of digital media, from light boxes to highlight a product’s best features, to digital kiosks that allow consumers to capture images or share their experiences on social media.

Flexible display configurations

Demand for highly configurable retail and POP displays is growing as retailers look to achieve greater return on investment. Configurable retail displays can be changed up as and when desired, which provides a range of benefits; ease of taking apart means displays can be moved around a store and different elements can be showcased at different times, offering significant value over time. In turn, retail displays can be made fresh and interesting regularly to boost consumer engagement.

The power of personalization

Adding a personal touch to retail displays can impress and engage shoppers who feel they’re making a direct connection with a brand. Increasingly, retailers are using demographic information to personalize their retail displays, working relevant concepts into designs to catch the eye of their target audience. This can include technological features like video ads integrated into displays near checkouts that consumers notice as they’re queuing.


This year, stay on trend by personalizing your retail displays and experimenting with digital shopper solutions to entice and engage consumers. Opting for easily-configurable compact displays can help your brand find cost savings and provide maximum value, while giving your company the opportunity to keep things current as often as necessary. Look for environmentally-friendly materials and place importance on sustainability to forge strong bonds with your hyper-aware consumers moving forward. For an expert approach to driving business through effective retail displays, contact SPK today.