6 Ways To Get Better Results From Your Retail Signage

tail signage is often the first contact you have with your customers, making it a pivotal marketing tool in converting shoppers into buyers and conveying your message to best effect. Whether you’re looking to draw in consumers with an engaging window display, showcase your latest merchandise or provide information about your newest product, effective retail signage can engage and inform your customers, build your brand and help you establish an ongoing consumer relationship.

At SPK Associates, we’ve been helping retailers make their mark since 1995; our turnkey retail signage service expresses your message in a way that can’t be ignored. Here are our top tips for generating better results from your retail signage.

Woman in shopping mall

Keep it clean
Clean, unfussy design is the best way to get your point across. Too many elements can cause confusion and make it difficult for your customers to find the information they need, causing frustration. Clean designs can be just as striking, and with the right layout, it’s still possible to work other features into the mix without overdoing things.

Short and sweet
For the biggest impact, cut down on your retail signage copy to make your message succinct. To catch the attention of your customers, the words you use need to draw in consumers, but with only a few seconds to engage shoppers those words need to count. Your message should be meaningful to your customers in a clear and concise way.

The mark of quality
Retail signage contributes to the impression your consumers take away; to leave a positive impact, any sort of retail display – from POP stands to floor decals – should have the mark of quality. Poor printing, spelling errors and other mistakes can dent your reputation, repel consumers and negatively impact your bottom line.

Consistency is key
To build your brand effectively, consistency within your retail signage is key. Shoppers walking around a store will pick up on the signage, consciously or not, and there should be some elements that remain consistent from one sign to the next. The same font, a logo, or other feature can quietly reinforce your brand while still engaging and informing consumers.

Audience appropriate
Effective retail signage should be tailored to your audience, bearing in mind that what appeals to fashion-conscious teenage girls won’t necessarily have the same impact on older ladies shopping for their kids, for example. Mapping your audience and using this information to create engaging in-store signage means getting it right first time when making an impression really matters.

The right look
Standing out in store is no easy feat when there’s so much to contend with; bustling shoppers, people chatting and all manner of eye-catching products in different shapes and sizes can all distract shoppers. It’s extra important, then, to make an impact with your retail signage. Clever concepts, attractive color schemes and plenty of background space to display your message can all hep you create the right look. At SPK Associates, we understand the importance of engaging retail signage that conveys your message, and our turnkey service combines quality with affordability for professional results you’ll love. For all your retail signage, design and packaging needs, contact us today for an obligation-free quote and see how we can help you get results.