At SPK Associates, our system of remote office and outsourcing keeps overhead at a minimum. We use designers from the facility as well as outside that are creative and knowledgeable about materials, manufacturing process and how to utilize and combine them for creativity, manufacturability and functionality.

Our expertise and knowledge of industry trends combine to strike a perfect balance of form and function.

Your projects are noticed for all the right reasons: intelligent design, visual appeal and touchable quality. Whether it’s creative packaging with finesse, a powerful point-of-purchase display or a comprehensive campaign combining marketing, signagedisplay and packaging elements, our exceptional team ensures your projects are designed for strategic success.

Our design services include:


The initial stages of your project’s design sees our team take to the drawing board, either with the traditional pencil and paper or more modern CAD drawing and 3D modeling programs, to create sketches tailored to your exact requirements.


Our specialized drawings bring form to the preliminary sketches so you can be confident the look and feel of your project will be spot on. Using innovative technology, our skilled team renders your designs in 3D for a project that’s production-ready.


Before your project enters the prototype stage, our design team creates a working sample to test for durability, appeal and other important factors. With your input, we work together to ensure your specifications are met to the highest standard.


Experience your finished product before the production process begins with a custom-made prototype of your project. Our prototypes are crafted with the utmost precision for a true-to-life representation of your display or packaging product.


Engage your audience and convey your message to best effect with SPK Associates’ graphic design capabilities. Our creative product packaging, in-store POP displays and retail signage reflect your marketing objectives while reinforcing your brand.


Our structural designers work with a wide variety of materials and methods to achieve the perfect balance of intelligent design and functional form when creating your retail and packaging solutions, ensuring maximum appeal and ease of use.