Displays and POP

We custom design and manufacture all kinds of displays, from POP to Palette. Our structural engineers and graphic designers can custom tailor any display concept to best augment your brand with color, size, shape and form-factor, staying true to retailer specifications, customer dynamics and, most importantly, budget.


A well conceived and designed Point of Purchase display will often make the difference between converting a sale or not. We create POP displays that sell your product and reflect your brand image positively.

These include:

  • free standing
  • counter top
  • rack
  • pallet
  • temporary
  • permanent
  • interactive
  • and many other different types

Our designers take your input and create clever graphics and design that not only draw your customer’s attention to your products but also convince them to purchase it as well!

At SPK Associates, we formulate successful solutions that uncover the needs of the consumer, retailer and brand marketer. We immerse ourselves in your business to proactively deliver the right, targeted sales solution.

  • Ease of assembly
  • Versatile configurations, profiles and form factors
  • Shipping display with product direct to store or to Distribution Center


Pallet displays take up a 4’ square area and are ideal for a club footprint such as Costco, Sams Club and any other warehouse store environment. Our knowledge of retailer environments allows us to maximize the effectiveness of your pallet design to satisfy customer trends through effective design, engineering and manufacturing for a successful in-store sales campaign.